Analyzing Latino voting trends in 2022 midterms

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Before the election, many pundits thought that the Hispanic vote was going to lean more toward Republicans. However, that did not happen, with the exception of Florida, which has been more Republican due to the Cuban-American vote. Here to discuss voting trends is (consultant names)

Have any strong patterns emerged in the data, or is it too early to tell?

“The way the data works is that it’s going to take about a month to bring all that data in and analyze it. We do have some information from exit polls, sometimes they are not the most reliable source, but across the board, from the general feeling that’s out there, I do think that Latinos did show up for this election and had an impact in its results.”

How influential do you think the Latino vote was to key races?

“The simple math tells us that it had to have been very impactful. If you look at the outcome of the statewide races, some of them, even a week later, we still don’t know exactly the outcome to them because they’re so close. All the statewide races, from senator on down were close, within five points of each other. Given the size of the electorate, the Latino electorate in Arizona, they ended up becoming very decisive in who ended up winning these races.”

A lot of young people got involved in grassroots efforts. Has that been influential this time and will there need to be more of it in the future to make a difference?

“Absolutely. In Arizona, we saw an unprecedented effort by Chocanos Por La Causa, for example. They’re an organization that is very important to the Latino community, they spent $10 million on Latino voter registration outreach, and it was successful. That’s an example of an investment that was unprecedented, that needs to continue going forward to keep Latinos engaged.” 

“While we’re talking about engagement, it really comes down to the strength of our community organizing, there were a lot of groups that were putting a lot of effort into it right now. What we’re seeing is there is strength in the Hispanic voting bloc. So they’re making an effort to do the in-person door-to-door contact with those individuals that will pay dividends well into the future.”

Roy Herrera- Founding Partner, Herrera Arellano
Jason Barraza- Partner, Veridus

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