Monumental Arizona


For all the things Arizona is, one word may describe it best – monumental.

Monumental in its land, monumental in its history,

  monumental in its ability to protect its vast natural treasures.

Arizona is home to more national monuments than any other state – 18 remarkable destinations. Monumental Arizona combines spectacular high-definition images with an evocative musical score and engaging storytelling. Audiences will be enthralled by its dramatic aerial vantage point as cameras soar high above these striking landmarks, capturing their spectacular beauty and cultural legacy. Monumental Arizona airs Sunday, Jan. 30, 2011 at 6 p.m. on Eight, Arizona PBS.  

Over the last century, Arizona's people and America's presidents have worked hand in hand to recognize and protect these natural treasures. Flying over and through these national monuments, viewers will marvel at the stunning landscapes, the fascinating geology and the stories of ancient civilizations. Monumental Arizona's bird's-eye perspective of these biologically and culturally rich sites offers breathtaking vistas, ranging from Chiricahua's fantasy rock sculptures to Tuzigoot's ancient fortress, Ironwood Forest and Canyon de Chelly's famous red-stone gorge.

Under the banner of natural wonders and ancient history, this is how our state defines itself – Monumental Arizona .  

National Monuments in Arizona

Agua Fria

Canyon de Chelly

Casa Grande


Grand Canyon Parashant

Hohokam Pima

Ironwood Forest

Montezuma Castle


Organ Pipe

Pipe Spring

Sonoran Desert

Sunset Crater Volcano



Vermillion Cliffs

Walnut Canyon


Eight, Arizona PBS's award-winning Arizona Collection celebrates the people, places and history of Arizona. These locally inspired productions are made possible in part by the Eight, Arizona PBS Program Partners who generously provide financial support.

Monumental Arizona was made possible by the Kemper and Ethel Marley Foundation and by the Eight, Arizona PBS Program Partners, Friends of Eight who provide additional gifts for programs about the Arizona experience.

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