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Produced in conjunction with Eight, Arizona PBS and directed by Emmy Award winner, Deborah Novak, this compelling documentary looks at the life and artistry of America’s leading dance photographer. It’s the true story of the New York City Ballet’s youngest male dancer who went on to become its ultimate image-maker under the tutelage of legendary choreographer, George Balanchine™. Steven Caras: See Them Dance premieres Wednesday, March 9, 2011 at 8 p.m. on Eight.

Accompanying Caras’s honest and eloquent narrative are interviews with towering figures from the world of dance — Jacques d’Amboise, Patricia McBride, Peter Martins, Mia Michaels, Kay Mazzo, Sean Lavery, Allegra Kent, and many others.

Steven Caras’s critically acclaimed photo archive is one of the most important dance image collections of all time. How it came to be is a chronicle of the birth and rebirth of the artistic spirit, and of the physical and emotional hurdles all professional dancers face.

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