Arizona Citizens Clean Elections Commission partners with O’Conner House to sponsor Gubernatorial debate on Eight’s Arizona Horizon – September 29

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The Citizens Clean Elections Commission, in collaboration with O’Connor House, will present a debate with candidates for governor Monday, Sept. 29, 2014.   The debate will air live on KAET Channel 8 in Phoenix and KUAT Channel 6 in Tucson starting at 5 p.m. The debate will also be available live via the Internet on the KAET website.  In addition, C-SPAN will air the debate on a tape delayed basis on one of its networks. 

“Clean Elections debates provide an opportunity for voters to hear the candidates speak for themselves,” said Chairman Timothy J. Reckart.  “We are pleased to provide this opportunity to all of the candidates for governor and gratified that they have agreed to participate in a debate that truly belongs to the voters of Arizona.” 

O’Connor House has a vision to create an Arizona and a nation where important policy decisions affecting our future are made through a process of civil discussion, critical analysis of facts and informed participation of all citizens. O’Connor House is encouraging community groups, neighborhood organizations, students and families to watch the debate together and discuss it as a civic engagement opportunity, and to cast a more informed ballot. 

A viewing room will be set up for reporters to monitor and record the debate.  Reporters should arrive at KAET by 4:30 p.m.  KAET is located at 555 N. Central Ave., Suite 500, in Phoenix.  The debate is not open to the public. The 2014 General Election will take place Nov. 4.  Early voting begins Oct. 9. 

About the Citizens Clean Elections Commission
The Citizens Clean Elections Act was passed by voters in 1998 to promote participation in the political process and to ensure Arizona’s politics are free from corruption.  The Act provides funding for public and voter education. For more information visit the Citizens Clean Elections Commission website:

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