Arizona PBS Invites Community to ‘Nerd Out’ at 5th Annual PBS Nerd Walk – Nov. 14

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WHAT:  Arizona PBS invites all nerds, super fans and education enthusiasts to show off their spirit at the fifth annual PBS Nerd Walk. Participants are encouraged to dress in their favorite nerd-inspired ensembles and join the community on a march through downtown Tempe to showcase their PBS Nerd pride. The PBS Nerd Walk is a cultural experience that celebrates individuality and all brands of nerdery from education fanatics, to culinary wunderkinds to science geeks – there is a “nerd-dom” for everyone.

Event details and registration at:

WHO:  Arizona PBS in partnership with Bookmans Entertainment Exchange encourages community members to have their finest PBS cosplay on display as they storm the streets of Tempe in celebration of their unique fandoms.

WHERE: The Nerd Walk will be held on Arizona State University’s Tempe campus as part of the ASU Homecoming Block Party (1151 S. Forest Ave. Tempe, AZ 85281).

WHEN: Saturday, Nov.14, at 9 a.m.

PHOTO OPPS: Community members will be dressed in the style of their favorite characters and fandoms as they march in the ASU Homecoming Parade.

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