‘Craft in America’ explores intersections of craft and American culture

The Peabody Award-winning documentary, “Craft in America,” returns to Arizona PBS this winter on Friday, Dec. 27, at 8 p.m. For more than a decade, “Craft in America” has taken views on cultural journeys across this nation, honoring the multiplicity of traditions that have come to define our country.


Look how quilts carry meaning, are rich with history, emotion, memories and beauty. They tell stories that would otherwise not be told, each one as unique as their maker. Learn about contemporary quilters as we celebrate the role quilts have played in our country’s story. Featuring Susan Hudson, Victoria Findlay Wolfe, Michael A. Cummings, Judith Content, the International Quilt Museum, and special guest Ken Burns.


How do we define ourselves, what combination of work, ethnicity, nationality, family and heritage, go into the sum of who we are? Artists explore issues of gender, race, culture and place, offering true expressions of their experience in this world. Featuring potter Diego Romero, photographer Cara Romero, furniture maker Wendy Maruyama, and sculptor Cristina Córdova.

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