Duran Duran members talk memories, inspiration

Arizona PBS is bringing you “Duran Duran: A Diamond in the Mind” on Thursday, Mar. 5 at 8:30 p.m. This concert brings together everything that is great about Duran Duran — incredible pop music, art, technology and fashion, producing a show of pure excitement and entertainment. Join us to see them play hit after hit, mixing classics with new songs from the album, including “Hungry Like The Wolf,” “A View To A Kill,” and favorites “Wild Boys” and “Rio” in front of an ecstatic sold-out crowd of 21,000.

But you don’t have to wait for Thursday to get a peek behind the scenes! Below, Duran Duran members Nick Rhodes and Simon Le Bon chat about the band’s history and the inspiration for some of your favorite songs.

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Do you remember your first .mp3 purchase? Keyboardist Nick Rhodes does. Hear the full story of how Duran Duran embraced online music sales in 1997 in this exclusive interview clip.
Can you guess what inspired the song “Rio?” Hear songwriter and lead singer Simon Le Bon explain the song’s origins.
Rhodes talks about keeping up with the music scene, and how PBS plays a role in supporting artists by bringing their work to a wide audience of viewers like you.
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“Expectations are always a disappointment waiting to happen,” says Rhodes. Hear how the band found out that “Hungry Like the Wolf” had become a huge hit in the United States.
“We’ve been on this roller coaster that’s barely stopped for 40 years,” Rhodes says.
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