April 15 | Grades Pre-K–3

Programming Highlights

Cyberchase: Send in the Clones
Oh no! Hacker’s invention to clone himself accidentally clones Delete instead, who produces three clones every time he sneezes. Clone catcher Cy Clone to the rescue!

The Hacker, Buzz and Delete are up to no good again | PBS KIDS

SciGirls: Game Changers

Join Jolie and her friends as they create a hands-on board game adventure and code an app with professional game designers.

At-Home Learning Tips

Om It Out
Weeks of being indoors can be stressful especially when you’re at home with little ones. The first step to heading off a meltdown is to keep an eye out for the telltale signs of you and your child’s breaking point. Once you do, you’ll know how to put on the brakes such as centering yourself first and then helping your children go through their emotional process as well. Find more tips to manage stress here.

Wednesday on Arizona PBS

5:00 a.m. Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum: I Am Johann Sebastian Bach/I Am Marie Curie

Johann Sebastian Bach Coloring Page – Printable Activity
Marie Curie’s Matching Coloring Page – Printable Activity

5:30 a.m. Cyberchase: Send In the Clones

Calculating Clones – Video
Cyberchase Power Up Game – Printable Activity

6:00 a.m. SciGirls: Game Changers

Scigirls Code Quest – Online Game
PBS KIDS ScratchJr. – Free App

Additional Resources

ACTIVITY: When Frogs Eat Cars- Bedtime Math
What frogs can swallow cars whole? Sock puppet frogs! Watch this hilarious 10-second video to see just that, and practice a little adding and multiplication while you’re at it. If you live in front of a busy street, try making a puppet yourself and eating cars too!

ACTIVITY: How to Make a Sock Puppet
Go back to basics with this easy sock puppet tutorial. All you really need is a sock, some button eyes and needle and thread or glue. The rest is up to your imagination!

Learn how to code like the SciGirls with this easy-to-use program from the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab where you can create and share your own interactive stories, games, and animations. Click and get coding! Not sure how to get strarted? Watch an explainer below.

ACTIVITY: How to Make Bubbles- Super Soap Solution
Want your bubbles to be more resistant? Read to find out what secret ingredient makes bubbles stronger! Tip: This recipe makes a lot of bubbles, but it still comes out great if you use half of everything. Have you little one help you with the math and then blow lots of bubbles like Nick and Sally!

A child blows bubbles | Flickr/Tina Reynolds/Creative Commons (CC BY-NC 2.0)
5 woman performing for the Celtic Woman 20th Anniversary
airs Feb. 29

Celtic Woman 20th Anniversary Concert

airs Feb. 28

Desert Dreams: Celebrating Five Seasons in the Sonoran Desert

Barry Gibb singing (Bee Gees: In Our Own Time)
aired Feb. 24

Bee Gees: In Our Own Time

A cute little duckling with text reading: Arizona PBS Ducks in a Row Event
March 6

Getting Your Ducks in a Row to Avoid Conflict When You Are Gone

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