April 21 | Grades Pre-K–3

Programming Highlights

Nature Cat: Lights Out for Sea Turtles
Nature Cat and his pals are camping out on the beach! While they’re looking for seashells they run into Squeeks sea turtle friend, Celia, who just laid more than one hundred eggs. Squeeks wants to see the baby sea turtles up close and watch them run to the ocean. She hears the cuteness factor is off the charts! Celia’s eggs won’t hatch for a while, but she says there are lots of other nests on the beach and some of the eggs are bound to hatch tonight.

SciGirls: Turtle Mania
Annie and her friends make a wetland more attractive to turtles.

Molly of Denali: Valentine’s Day Disaster/Porcupine Slippers
Molly wants to surprise her mom with a special birthday gift: a pair of traditional beaded slippers. Atsaq and Tooey agree to help, but when they run out of porcupine quills, the trio must head into the woods at night to find and gather the quills from a real porcupine!

When Molly, Atsaq and Tooey run out of porcupine quills for a pair of beaded slippers, they must head into the woods to find more! | Still from Molly of Denali


At-Home Learning Tips

Enjoy More Chances for Family Togetherness
One of the most heartwarming aspects to come out of this unprecedented moment is that families now have more time to spend together than ever before. With morning and afternoon commutes canceled, school drop-offs and pick-ups gone, and extracurricular activities suspended, several hours of the day have been returned for families to spend together. Find more ways to keep your family entertained and engaged in the long days at home.


Daily Programming

5:00 a.m. Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum: I Am Leonardo Da Vinci/ I Am Amelia Earhart (Social Emotional)

Make A Hero Self-Portrait – Activity

What Are the Traits of A Great Hero – Activity

5:30 a.m.  Cyberchase: Fortress of Attitude (Math)

Glowla’s Estimation Contraption – Online Game

Skytale Messages – Activity

6:00 a.m.
SciGirls: Turtle Mania (Science)

The Value of Wetlands – Video

Wetland Band – Activity



Additional Resources

ACTIVITY: Wild Kratts – Create Egg Carton Turtles
Did today’s episodes of Nature Cat and SciGirls get your child to catch turtle mania? Try this easy and adorable turtle activity inspired by Wild Kratts. While crafting, discuss sea turtles’ habitats and the importance of recycling.

VIDEO: Padre Island National Seashore: Kemp’s Ridley Sea Turtles
Kemp’s Ridley is the most critically endangered sea turtle species in the world. Learn more about what the National Parks of Texas rangers are doing efforts to preserve and protect these amazing creatures for future generations.

ACTIVITY: Invent a Sea Creature
After learning about sea turtles, prompt your child to a fun drawing activity to activate their imagination. Ask your child to draw an imaginary sea creature and give it a name. Talk about what color it is, whether it lives underwater or on the seashore and whether it’s cuddly or scary. Visita este sitio para inventar tu animal marino en español.

GAME: Molly of Denali – Beading Art Game
After making a traditional pair of beaded slippers for her mom in today’s episode, Molly shows players in this game how to make various beading designs using design cards. Molly walks players through 10–20 minutes of play in a game accessible for readers and nonreaders alike.

Still of Molly Denali Beading Art Game. Players get to expand their use of informational text, as well as their knowledge of Alaska Native culture.
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