April 30 | Grades 4–8

Thursday on Arizona PBS

8:00 a.m. Nova: Killer Floods

Flood: Farming and Erosion – Background Essay
Flood: Farming and Erosion – Discussion Questions

9:00 a.m. History Detectives: Picture Frame/Woolworth Signs/Toy Soldiers

The Nashville Sit-Ins – Video
Diane Nash and the Sit-Ins – Video, Discussion Questions and Background Reading

Segregated restaurants were common in the South | Still from “The Nashville Sit-Ins – John Lewis: Get in the Way” PBS LearningMedia

10:00 a.m. The Great Yellowstone Thaw: PT. 3/3 Summer

Painting the Falls of Yellowstone: How ART Saved Yellowstone – Video
Rescuing and Relocating Beavers – Video, Discussion Questions, Background Essay and Teaching Tips
Beaver Vocabulary – Printable Activity

11:00 a.m. H2O: The Molecule That Made Us/Flow

Science Trek, Compounds: Compound Basics – Media Gallery
PBS Newshour: See how a historic drought has changed California’s landscape – Article
PBS Newshour Extra: In the California Drought, What Is My Role? – Activity 
How the Owens Valley Paiute Made The Desert Bloom- Article

Rocks trace the route of an ancient Paiute irrigation ditch. | Clarissa Wei

12:00 p.m. Nova: Killer Floods

Killer Floods: Ancient Waterfalls – Video and Teaching Tips
NOVA: Killer Floods – Webpage Images

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Psyche Mission
airs Oct. 4

Psyche Mission: First to Metal, An Origin Story

A green monster with a goofy grin holds a large toothbrush. Text: HealthySmileLearning.org Video Contest: How does your favorite monster brush its teeth?
Oct. 8

Digital Video Contest 2023

Hispanic Heritage Awards image
aired Sept. 29

Hispanic Heritage Awards

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