June 3 | Grades Pre-K–3

Wednesday on Arizona PBS

5:00 a.m. Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum – We Are the Wright Brothers; We Are the Bronte Sisters (Social & Emotional)

Hero Maker – Online Game
Helping Kids Find Their Inner Heroes – Parent Article
Super Inventions / Martha Speaks – Interactive
Host Storytime at Home – Article
Write and Play Found Poetry – Activity

5:30 a.m. Cyberchase – A Change of Art (Math)

Predicting Travel Time Using Line Graphs – Video and Support Materials
Not Just Any Ol’ Graph – Video
Line Graphs Showing Change Over Time – Lesson Plan

6:00 a.m. Molly of Denali – Busy Beavers/The Night Watchers (Literacy)

Greatest Creature Builder / Wild Kratts – Video and Support Materials
Building a Beaver Pond – Video and Support Materials
Beavers! – Interactive Lesson and Support Materials
Night Vision – Interactive
Ghost Bats: Masters of the Night Hunt / Kratts Creatures – Video
Creatures of the Night – Video

Illustration of columns of a capitol building with text reading: Arizona PBS AZ Votes 2024

Arizona PBS presents candidate debates

airs July 26

Voter ED: Why Vote (And How to Do It)?

Three main characters from mystery shows premiering this summer

It’s the Summer of Mystery!

James Percival Everett Joins the PBS Books Readers Club
July 31

Join us for PBS Books Readers Club!

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