May 22 | Grades 4–8

Friday on Arizona PBS

6:30 a.m. Decoding COVID-19

A Brief but Spectacular Take on Surviving COVID-19 – Video and Support Materials
Fact or Fiction: How to Spot Covid-19 Misinformation – Video and Support Materials

7:30 a.m. History Detectives: WWII Drone/Wooden Club/Clara Barton Letter

America’s Boomtowns: On the Home Front – Video and Support Materials
Clara Barton: Biography
Civil War Letters – Lesson Plan
Theodore Roosevelt’s “Bull Moose Party” and the 1912 Election

8:30 a.m. Get the Math Apt Exchange

Real-Life Math: Chef – Video and Support Materials
Math in Fashion – Interactive Lesson

A chef turns on the stove at her restaurant.
A chef turns on the stove at her restaurant. | Still from “Real-Life Math | Chef”

9:00 a.m. Get the Math 2.0 Apt Exchange

The Majesty of Music and Math – Song Maker – Interactive 
The Majesty of Music and Math: Melody Maker Experiment – Interactive

9:30 a.m. Breakthrough, The Ideas That Changed The World: The Car

Carbon-Fiber Car of the Future – Video and Support Materials
The Impact of Technology: Cars – Video and Support Materials

10:30 a.m. Decoding COVID-19

How Coronavirus Tests Work – Video
What We Know and Don’t Know about the Coronavirus – Video

A lab worker inserts a sample into a container.
A lab worker inserts a sample into a container. | Still from “How Coronavirus Tests Work” / NOVA
President Biden for the 2024 State of the Union address.
airs March 7

State of the Union

Stewart Udall: The Politics of Beauty

A cute little duckling with text reading: Arizona PBS Ducks in a Row Event
March 6

Getting Your Ducks in a Row to Avoid Conflict When You Are Gone

A cactus blooms in the Sonoran Desert
aired Feb. 28

Desert Dreams: Celebrating Five Seasons in the Sonoran Desert

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