Molly and Tooey examine bird tracks

PBS KIDS Family Night: ‘Molly of Denali’ mini-marathon

Join us for Arizona PBS KIDS Family Night this weekend on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 7 p.m.!

This week’s feature is a “Molly of Denali” mini-marathon. Join Molly, an Alaska Native girl, her dog Suki, and friends Tooey and Trini on their adventures in beautiful Alaska. Along the way, Molly’s life is enhanced, kept on track and flat-out saved by maps, guide books, websites, weather reports and more.

To continue the fun try these activities:

  • You can explore Molly’s village with the interactive game Explore with Molly.
  • Explore the Alaskan wilderness with Molly, her mom and Nina in the Alaskan Adventure game. Take photos of amazing animals and record what you find in your notebook.
  • You may not be able to see the Northern Lights from your house, but you can create a Galaxy in a Jar in this activity from PBS Parents.
  • Continue the fun with the Molly of Denali Podcast. Over eight episodes, Molly and her friend Tooey discover the identity of a mystery creature that has stolen Molly’s birthday cake. Join Molly and the gang and discover what life is like for a typical kid on big adventures in Alaska!
  • With these printable activities you can help Molly find her way through a maze, learn about animals in Alaska and more.

So pop some popcorn and get ready for Family Night on Arizona PBS KIDS! Find Arizona PBS KIDS on channel 8.4 with antenna, Cox Cable channel 81, online at and on the free PBS KIDS Video App.

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