June 18 | Grades 4–8

Thursday on Arizona PBS

6:30 a.m. NOVA: Ghosts of Stonehenge (Science)

Stonehenge Was Merely the Focal Point of a Bigger Monument Site – Article
Secrets of Stonehenge – Video

Stonehenge at dusk
Stonehenge at dusk. | NOVA/PBS.org

7:30 a.m. History Detectives: Hindenburg Artifact; John Adams Book; Birthplace of Hip Hop (Social Studies)

Observing / History Detectives – Webpage
Helium Is Boring – Video and Support Materials

8:30 a.m. Nature: The Wild Way of the Vikings (Nature)

Who Were the Vikings? – Article
Explorers: Vikings / Google Earth Voyager Stories – Webpage
Eric the Red and Leif Ericson / Explorers and Settlers – Lesson Plan
Vikings Unearthed / Space Archaeology – Media Gallery and Support Materials
Reindeer Cyclone – Video
The Sneaky Way of Orcas Hunt Seals – Video
Vikings, Vikings Everywhere / Teaching with Primary Sources – Media Gallery and Support Materials

9:30 a.m. Breakthrough: The Ideas That Changed The World – The Telescope (Science)

Telescopes / Crash Course Astronomy – Video
Hubble Telescope: Looking Deep – Video and Support Materials

Rendering of the Hubble Telescope.
Rendering of the Hubble Telescope. | Still from “Hubble Telescope: Looking Deep” PBS LearningMedia

10:30 a.m. NOVA: Ghosts of Stonehenge (Science)

Stonehenge: Expert Q&A – Article
The Dating Game: Radioactive Carbon – Document and Support Materials
Bones of Contention – Interactive and Support Materials

A graphic for the Arizona PBS news show,
airs April 13

This week on Horizonte!

Illustration of columns of a capitol building with text reading: Arizona PBS AZ Votes 2024
aired April 4

Arizona PBS presents candidate debates as part of ‘AZ Votes 2024’

Graphic for the AZPBS kids LEARN! Writing Contest with a child sitting in a chair writing on a table and text reading: The Ultimate Field Trip
May 12

Submit your entry for the 2024 Writing Contest

The Capital building with text reading: Circle on Circle: Robert Lowell's D.C.
May 2

An evening with ‘Poetry in America’

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