steve backshall looking at a beam of light in a cave

Expedition with Steve Backshall: Unpacked

Premiering Wednesday, Mar. 16 at 9 p.m.

“Expedition with Steve Backshall: Unpacked” is a 4-part series that takes you closer to the action and drama of Steve Backshall’s 10 world-first expeditions.

New unseen footage reveals a fresh perspective on these epic adventures into the unknown and behind the scenes content shows us just how these expeditions were filmed and brought to our screens. Expeditions to remote parts of the world are full of wonder and danger in equal measure; each one has its own set of challenges and each one has its crucial moments of decision. We unpack these turning points, moments when just one step further would mean no turning back.

Naturalist and explorer Steve Backshall takes us ever closer to the natural world. We witness awe-inspiring and fear-inducing close encounters with some of the planet’s most iconic wildlife. On expeditions into the remotest places on earth, success depends on skills and training. We meet the experts and the team behind the camera, the cogs in the wheel of the expedition, without whom success would not be possible. Mounting expeditions into uncharted territory requires complex logistics and meticulous planning, but above all it comes down to teamwork and a passion for exploration.

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