Roadtrip Nation: All Paths Arizona

Premiering Monday, April 11 at 11 p.m.

Roadtrip Nation” is a documentary series that follows the journey of three people as they travel the country interviewing inspiring individuals who do what they love.

In this installment, “All Paths Arizona” uncovers the hidden gems and inspiring career possibilities available in our state. Meet Allisyn “Meeks,” Jasmin and Ezequias “Zeek” — three young people on a mission to meet and learn from other Arizonans working in education, marketing, government and more — and follow them as they travel across their home state in search of fulfilling and inspiring career paths. Fueled by Helios Education Foundation, they’ll also explore how they can connect their ambitions and interests to the state’s educational pathways. Along the way, you’ll hear the inspiring stories of other Arizonans who have made an incredible impact on their home state. From certifications to four-year degrees, they see just how many ways there are to reach the heights they aspire to, and that each experience along the way is moving them forward.

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