Our Voices: Sam Baker Reflects

Centenarian and World War II veteran Sam Baker speaks to “Our Voices” about aging, service and prejudice.

Sam Baker reflects on growing older

Closing in on 100 years old, Baker’s gratitude for his life stems from having seen and experienced various things throughout the last century. Baker has a token of advice: Enjoy everyday because nobody knows how long they are going to live.

Sam Baker looks back on his experience as a Marine

Sam Baker felt an obligation to help his country after the events of Pearl Harbor. In his eyes, it is an honor and privilege to be able to serve your country. Baker explains his belief that there is nothing higher a person can do than to serve their country in a time of need.

Sam Baker reflects on prejudice

Growing up in the segregated South, Sam Baker disagreed with the prejudice he saw around him. Once in Miami, he threw away a sign hanging up by a hotel that said “No Jews.” Baker shares his thoughts that we can make this a world a better place if we just try.

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