Rivers of Life “Zambezi”

Wednesday, Sept. 28 at 7 p.m.

Featuring breathtaking photography, the second season of this landmark series explores Africa’s wildest river, the Zambezi; Europe’s Danube River, which travels through more countries than any other river; and North America’s great frozen river, the Yukon. Journey from source to mouth and travel through awe-inspiring landscapes to discover the spectacular wildlife and fascinating people that thrive along three of Earth’s greatest rivers.

The Zambezi River runs 1,500 miles, starting in Zambia and flowing through six countries to the Indian Ocean. It plunges over cliffs, creating the largest waterfall, Victoria Falls, which spans more than a mile wide and more than 300 feet high. 

Europe’s Danube River is a network of water branching out across the continent…gathering water from 19 countries. The Danube starts in Germany, flowing through Budapest, Austria, Slovakia, Moldova and others before draining into the Black Sea. 

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