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How to make a personalized grilling platter for Father’s Day

Gather up the kids and craft supplies for this memorable and handy Father’s Day craft: a personalized grilling platter!

What you will need:

  • One ceramic platter
  • Glazed ceramic paints (like this value pack)
  • Paintbrushes
  • Your children’s handprints

Follow these steps:

  1. Paint the ceramic platter. After thinking about the shape of the grill and how you would like it to appear, paint the desired design with the glazed ceramic paints. I started out by writing “Daddy’s Grilling Platter” on the top, then added grass to the bottom with green paint. Finally, I painted a little black grill. I did the majority of the painting since my kids are young, but if your children are older, then they can be in charge of this part also.
  2. Add handprints. I picked out flame colors for my young children in yellows, reds and oranges. I have two kids, so I took my daughter’s hands and did one in yellow and then in red. I had her put her red print down first, followed by the yellow, slightly off-centered. I repeated this step with my son but using orange and yellow paints.
  3. Add their names and the year. I wrote my kids’ names myself but, depending on the age of your children, they can paint their names in themselves right next to their handprints. Finally, you can add the year at the bottom if you choose to.
  4. Bake to seal. Use the directions on your set of paints to guide you, but it will most likely state you can bake the ceramic platter to make it dishwasher safe. It should provide specifics for the baking process including length of time and temperature. This part is optional, especially if your platter will most likely be used as decor!

If grilling is not one of his hobbies, the design can be updated to represent dad’s favorite type of food instead.

Try this personalized craft with your kids, then snap a photo and share it with us at @ArizonaEducator on Twitter or Arizona PBS KIDS on Facebook!


About the author

Marissa Will is the mother of two, Olivia (6) and Logan (4). Writing was her first passion: she’s a freelance writer and a Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication alumna. Will is currently educating the future leaders of tomorrow: She has spent the past nine years educating third grade with a master’s degree in elementary education from Northern Arizona University-Yuma.

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