This week on Check, Please! Arizona: Restaurants owned by couples

Thur. Feb. 8 at 7 p.m.

Chino Bandido

When you think of Mexican, Caribbean, and Asian food, there’s no way they can go together on a plate, but at the beloved Chino Bandido, they do! And it works. Eve Collins and her late husband, Frank, opened Chino Bandido 32 years ago. You order at the counter, then pick how you want it: in a bowl with rice and beans, or in a quesadilla or burrito. Come for the unusual combos, but it’s Eve’s “never met a stranger” personality that’s at the heart of this Phoenix staple.

Nana’s Kitchen

Nana’s Kitchen offers vegan soul food. Husband and wife Rob and Nequa Matthews draw upon their mutual love of soul food to make their unique menu. Ribs, mac-n-cheese, fried chicken, and catfish along with Hood rolls (mac-n-cheese, collard greens, and yams folded into an egg roll wrapper). Nequa and Rob met in high school and have been together ever since. Guests say the dishes taste delicious and not just delicious for vegan food.

Sorso Wine Room

When former Major League Baseball player Mark Teahen retired, he took a trip to Italy with his wife that changed his life. They fell in love with a wine-dispensing machine and decided to bring that concept back to Scottsdale. Sorso Wine Room was born. Located inside the Scottsdale Quarter, it serves more than 100 different wines. The food is also not to be missed, from bruschetta to flatbreads to salads.

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