Little O’s is a home away from home

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Little O’s is a home away from home, serving brunch, burgers and beer.

Owner Summer Wright, who began her career in the food industry as a server, eventually deciding she wanted a place of her own where she, and everyone else, felt a warm welcome.

“We welcome the neighborhood and want them to be a part of the family,” Wright said.

The eatery serves, “upscale bar food,” with weekend brunches featuring penny mimosas and draft beer specials.

“Check, Please! Arizona” guest Cheryl Mandala regarded the diner’s breakfast nacho as, “beautifully done,” and came back the next day for the veggie burger.

Another guest, Dolores Garcia, who swears by Little O’s, tried the salmon and flatbread, impressed by the unique flavors and fresh veggies. Paired with a penny giant mimosa, Garcia said the meal made for a “light, nice brunch.”

Garcia wasn’t the only one impressed. Guest Tara Anderson said, “if it was my backyard, I’d be here all the time.”

The Italian salad, chock full of ingredients and gluten-free options, showed Anderson that this eatery truly caters to everyone. From the lunch crowd to the brunch crew, even furry friends are regulars at Little O’s. According to Wright, dog regulars can enjoy bottomless water bowls and free treats.

Wright said she wants everyone who comes into her restaurant to feel at home, and home doesn’t truly feel like home without pets! The dog-friendly diner prides itself on consistently maintaining itself as a home away from home.

Garcia’s favorite time to go to Little O’s is after work or after a nice, long hike. She considers the eatery a fun, casual place to stop by and replenish before getting on with the rest of the day. At Little O’s, the first thing to come to mind is family and an at-home atmosphere.

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