Taste of Thai gives unique twist on traditional Thai flavors

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“Check, Please! Arizona” host and chef Mark Tarbell and guests dish on an Awhatukee restaurant, Taste of Thai.

Guest Isabel Garibay introduced her top pick for the week as a family favorite just down the street from her home. The family-owned establishment prides itself on giving a taste of new twists on traditional Thai foods.

Taste of Thai owner, Artichar Reynolds, said dishes are made with non-meat options and personalized spice levels.

“Thai food is really important in Thai culture,” Reynolds said. “The first question we ask is, ‘Have you eaten yet?'”

Taste of Thai focuses on fresh ingredients while adding new twists to their food. The eatfery is not afraid to introduce fusion dishes, including the Garibay’s favorite, the bacon fried rice.

Garibay, who ordered the dish spicy, said it was very hearty and the bacon was, “crisped to perfection,” with thin slices of veggies. As an appetizer, Garibay ordered the spring rolls, which she praised for being crispy, delicate and flavorful.

Additionally, guest Sharon Waldie raved about the papaya salad calling it “fabulous.” Tarbell chimed in with Waldie’s praises, saying the crispy cabbage was a great compliment to the green papaya salad.

Last but not least, guest Peter Royers, took note of the environment of the Taste of Thai storefront before taking a seat, complimenting the wooden counter.

Royers enjoyed the potstickers as an appetizer and “Rama Favorite” dish, a stir fry of house marinated grilled chicken with crunchy peanut sauce and steamed vegetables.

To finish off the meal, and the reviews, Royers and his wife shared the coconut ice cream.

“The only bad part about that is that I had to share it with my wife,” Royers joked.

Restaurant address: 4855 E. Warner Rd., Ahwatukee, AZ

Phone number: 480-753-3832

Website: tasteofthai.co

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