The Gladly leaves a lasting impression with famous salad

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“Check, Please! Arizona” guest Emily Davison goes to her top-pick restaurant – The Gladly – just for their famous chopped salad.

The Gladly chef, Bernie Kantak, describes the menu as elevated comfort food. From sandwiches, to steaks, to fish and salads, The Gladly serves business-oriented guests during the day and the date-night crowd come evening.

Kantak makes the salad with smoked salmon, couscous, arugula, pepitas, asiago cheese, currants, dried super sweet corn, marinated tomatoes and buttermilk herb dressing. The dish is presented to customers and tossed at the table, making for a show full of texture, colors and different flavors.

The presentation of the salad goes back to The Gladly’s mission.

“I want to make people happy,” Kantak said. “I want them to feel like they’re going to a family member’s house or a party or a holiday.”

Although it has come to be well known for the original chopped salad, the restaurant also prides itself on its whiskey list and cocktail bar.

Davison started off her meal with the sausage and pretzel before getting to her salad. To drink, she had the “Take Me To Your Leader,” a silver tequila and mezcal cocktail.

Both Ivan Martinez and Jim Scott started their meals at The Gladly with the Brussels sprouts as appetizers, complimenting the sweet corn grits and crispy sprouts before getting to their entrees.

The coffee-rubbed short ribs and the commander burger heard praises from both guests.

To finish off the meal, both guests gushed over the Snickers pie, with two inches of ice cream, chocolate crust and a light layer of nougat.

With candles all around, this date-night spot was a guest favorite!

Restaurant address: 2201 E. Camelback Road, Phoenix, AZ

Phone number: 602-759-8132


Cuisine(s): American, Bar

airs July 26

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