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“Check, Please! Arizona” guest Ivan Martinez has been to Worth Takeaway sandwich shop about 15 – 20 times before reviewing it for this week’s episode. Martinez said he loves supporting local businesses, but it definitely helps when the food is amazing.

Worth Takeaway co-owner Kelsey Strothers said her crew loves to take a classic sandwich and add their own spin on it or experiment with brand new ideas.

“We want people to walk away with a sense of, ‘Wow, that was really worth it!'”

With a solid menu of sandwiches, breakfast on weekends and their weekly “Monday night supper,” Worth Takeaway is a top reviewed sandwich shop in downtown Mesa.

“There’s something comforting about a sandwich,” host Mark Tarbell said, “and when it’s good, man does it hit the spot.”

Martinez strayed away from his usual order and tried the spicy BLT for the first time, with candied bacon. Martinez said the flavor was interesting and fascinating, but not overwhelming.

Guest Emily Davison tried the classic hot ham and cheese sandwich, in which the ham was smoked alongside cheddar cheese. Davidson also complimented the side of fries seasoned with paprika.

Guest Jim Scott started his meal with smooth mac and cheese, with the chicken bacon ranch sandwich as his main course. Jim summed up his review, “It was just a really good sandwich.”

Worth Takeaway also has a few beers on draft, along with wine options and a cocktail program. For drinks, Davidson had the chardonnay, which paired well with the ham and cheese sandwich. Scott ordered the root beer to pair with his lunch, complimenting the local brewery.

To finish off the meal, Martinez recounted his favorite part of the sandwich shop: the dessert.

Worth Takeaway’s banana pudding with vanilla wafers, vanilla bean sauce and slices of banana blew the guests away. The textures and layers received nothing but praises from the table.

All three guests agreed that Worth Takeaway is definitely worth it.

Restaurant address: 218 West Main Street, Mesa, AZ

Phone number: 480-833-2180

Website: www.worthtakeaway.com/

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