Sorso Wine Room: Italian-inspired sips

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Upon retiring from Major League Baseball, Mark Teahen’s life took an Italian twist. Enamored by a wine-dispensing machine during a trip, he brought the concept to Scottsdale, birthing Sorso Wine Room at the Scottsdale Quarter. Boasting over 100 wines, the heart of Sorso is its wine dispensing machine, allowing patrons to savor one, four, or six ounces from a selection of fifteen rotating wines using a “special wine debit card.”

Sorso, meaning ‘sip’ in Italian, extends an invitation to patrons seeking a laid-back atmosphere. Whether unwinding with friends or enjoying a date night, the menu features delectable offerings such as bruschetta, flatbreads, and salads. Teahen takes pride in the establishment’s 32 wines on tap, ensuring a diverse and curated selection.

“Check, Please! Arizona” guest Bill Kunz praised the crab melt for its “big, unctuous flavor.” Another guest, Allison Cuoco opted for the espresso cannoli and hot cookie, elevating the dining experience. Kunz’s pro tip is to hit the happy hour for an impeccable experience.

Step into Sorso Wine Room, where Teahen’s Italian-inspired vision transforms sips into an art, accompanied by delectable bites and the seal of approval from delighted patrons.

Restaurant address: 15323 N Scottsdale Rd #150, Scottsdale, phoenix, AZ


airs July 26

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