Arizona PBS Community Events Fall 2023

Arizona PBS is here to help you connect with your community, be more informed and explore new educational opportunities. Here are the communities our team visited this fall!


Havasupai Head Start

September 8, 2023Three members of our team, Senior Coordinator Tammy Lee, Program Manager Misty Standeford, and our Team Spirit Specialist Curious George, traveled by helicopter to the bottom of the Grand Canyon to work with teachers and families at the Head Start in the Havasupai Tribe. They also assisted the CCEI CDA pathway scholars within the vicinity.

Morenci Family Picnic

September 30, 2023Our education team, Lisa Ann Sepulveda, Dr. Veronica Chacon, Amy Pico, and Digital Producer Da’Vonna Shannon attended the Morenci Family Picnic with the help of Whyatt Beanstalk and Princess Presto from Super Why. They gave out prizes from the prize wheel and handed out free dental health resources and other goodies.

2023 Fostering Hope Yuma Conference

September 30, 2023Program Managers Yanira Martinez and Misty Standeford attended the 2023 Fostering Hope Yuma Conference at the Yuma Civic Center and handed out Arizona Early Childhood Workforce Registry scholarship and AZ PBS KIDS Learn! resources.

SciTech Institute Summit

October 24, 2023 Senior Coordinator Tammy Lee and Program Manager Misty Standeford presented a session on “Tots and Tech: Appropriate and Educational Use in the Early Years” at the Arizona Science Center, and handed out information about the Arizona Early Childhood Workforce Registry and First Things First college scholarship resources.

Family+Math Spatial Sense Workshop

October 25 and November 3, 2023 Our team hosted a PBS SoCal Family+Math Workshop “Spatial Sense” at the Pendergast Community Center in Phoenix. Senior Coordinator Tammy Lee and Program Manager Misty Standeford presented an engaging session on spatial sense and reasoning, demonstrating the ability to imagine in a three-dimensional space with a hands-on activity. Children between the ages of 2 to 6 put their spatial and directional knowledge to the test, building Space-Robots!

Arizona PBS Digital Video Contest Celebration

October 28, 2023 Delta Dental and Arizona PBS celebrated the winners and participants of this year’s Arizona PBS Digital Video Contest. Students from kindergarten through fifth grade created a one-minute video showing us how their favorite monster or spooky creature cares for their teeth. Our own Arizona PBS Art Director Tia Perkin was our special guest, and we had a celebration in our studios with fun dental props and cupcakes! View the winning submissions here.

Students take part in a green screen live video activity at the 2023 Digital Video Contest awards celebration

Eastern Arizona College Regional Fair event

November 1, 2023 Members of our education team, Regional Outreach Coordinator Gloria Osborne and Program Specialist Emalisa Ounao, with the help of our former regional coordinator Kristine Nishimura, traveled to Thatcher to promote Arizona PBS and scholarship resources at the Eastern Arizona College Regional Fair event.

Our team participates in local community events around the state, handing out books and resources to families and educators.

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