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Hear Governor Brewer’s Inauguration Speech, delivered January 3, 2011, in its entirety.

Ted Simons: Newly elected state officials were sworn into office today. Chief among those was Governor Jan Brewer. The Governor outlined her vision for Arizona in a speech she gave at the state capitol.

Governor Jan brewer: Honorable Governor Castro, Governor Mofford, Governor Symington, Governor Hall, Vice President, Mrs. Quayle, Governor-elect Ben Quayle, Commissioners Burns, Stumps, Pierce, Kennedy and Newman, Mr. Speaker and Mr. President, Madame Chief Justice and associate justices, Secretary Bennett, Attorney General Horne, Superintendent Huppenthal, Treasurer Ducey, Mine Inspector Hart, members of the legislature and honored guests. Let me just say at the outset, though I have nothing against our current system of secession for the Secretary of State to become governor, I can tell you from experience that there's nothing like an election to make the office feel a whole lot better. [Applause] I am a fortunate woman. I have a loving and supportive family, a very patient husband, Dr. John Brewer, and a great state to run. But there's an unfinished task ahead of me. When I took the oath of office two years ago, I took the helm of a marvelous state that had been poorly commanded, badly navigated and was dead in the water. Worse, it was leaking and sinking fast. I faced a state budget deficit of nearly $5 billion across two fiscal years. And a federal government who's unfunded mandates and sweetheart deals were stealing Arizona's freedoms and threatening to bankrupt our state. Yes, these were difficult times. But I did what my mother taught me. I did not give up. I did not give in. I fought for what I knew was the right thing to do. Every day, every waking hour, I fought for every single one of you, and for the future of this state, the state that I love. [Applause] Let's face it, I wasn't all that popular then, but I saw what had to be done, and I did it. But I didn't do it alone. No one can be in this office and do it alone. I asked an extraordinary group of people to join me in this mission of recovery. They left their good-paying jobs and solid careers and went to work with me to right the great ship of Arizona. I will always be grateful for their service and sacrifice on behalf of the people of Arizona. And so our work began. We started the Arizona come-back by restoring fiscal discipline and we made deep cuts to spending with no harm to education and to public safety. I established the Arizona Commerce Authority and a private sector leadership board focused on growing and diversifying Arizona's economy, and creating quality jobs, including jobs in rural Arizona. Meanwhile, we attracted over $1 billion in new capital investment and helped to create thousands of new jobs. We've been named the country's solar king, operating the highest solar power potential in the nation, while attracting new companies here. And at the same time, rededicating ourselves to business retention. We've set in place historic education reforms and we've become a national leader in the fight for border security and against Obama-care. [Applause] I'm honored to have been chosen to lead Arizona for the next four years, and I intend to lead with the mandate I have been given by the people. I'll continue with the common sense government, one that is always ever mindful of what individual freedom is. I believe that the leaders you've chosen to administer the affairs of state with me, all of those here with me today are united in that mission. We will keep faith with Arizona. We will keep faith with the people who have placed their sacred trust in us. We intend to leave Arizona with a budget that is balanced, fueled by private enterprise, unencumbered by heavy regulations and unnecessary rules. It'll be a state with a solar industry that is the envy of the world, one which continues to lead with innovation and cost-effective technology. We will have the ability to attract companies involved in science and technology, aerospace, small businesses and renewable energy, while keeping those businesses we already have. We will have a border region and beyond that works. It'll be one that is both safe and accessible, and enhances the competitiveness and quality of life for Arizona and Mexico. We will have an education system that demands student performance with standards that are clear and predictable. A university system that is prudent with its expenses, as it is lavish with its time invested in undergraduates. We will have a criminal justice system that is focused on justice, public safety, and the rights of the crime victims. Ronald Reagan once said, history is a ribbon, always unfurling. So just a year from now we will celebrate together Arizona's 100th birthday, and pay tribute to our own unfurling ribbon, and the exciting journey this young state is taking through history. This is the state I intend to leave behind to you, the people of Arizona. I am humbled by the honor you have given me. I will not let you down. You and I together will bring Arizona back to her place of enduring strength. You and I together will fulfill all of her great and abiding promise. You and I will be forever guided and sustained by God's grace and calling, that draws us together on this mighty ship Arizona, now fit for any peril on the sea. God bless you and your families, God bless our glorious state, and God bless the United States of America. Thank you.

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