Circular intersections headed to Scottsdale in a roundabout way

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The city of Scottsdale is working on construction for its third multi-lane roundabout, a move city officials hope will reduce collisions, fuel use and maintenance costs.

The city of Scottsdale’s Principal Traffic Engineer George Williams believes roundabouts are a much better option than traffic lights in certain situations. The city began utilizing circular intersections as a way to calm the flow of traffic in the 1980s, with the first multiline roundabout constructed in 1986. Larger implementations were kicked to the curb for the next 28 years, until the multi-lane roundabout on Northsight Boulevard and Hayden Road was constructed in 2014.

While some intersections may not be the best place to put a roundabout, said Wiliams, more circular intersections throughout the city put their transportation efficiency and safety in the fast lane.

George Williams: Principal Traffic Engineer, City of Scottsdale

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