Last home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright for sale

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The last home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, and one of only fourteen circular homes by the famous architect is for sale. Located on 36th Street in Phoenix, it is designed to blend with its desert mountain environment, creating a home that could only be found in Arizona. The rooms flow together due to a design of overlapping concentric circles with long windows that show off Palm Canyon and the city.

Norman and Aimee Lykes commissioned Wright to design their perfect home. Unfortunately, Wright died in 1959 soon after taking on the project. John Rattenbury, his apprentice, took on the project and oversaw construction. The home was finished in 1964. Taliesin West architecture students lived in the house while it was still owned by the Lykes. After sitting vacant for six years, the property was purchased by Linda Melton.

Melton renovated the home with the help of Rattenbury in 1994, making only one structural change in order to maintain the original design and preserve the home’s history. It now includes stainless wrapped kitchen counters, honed Italian rose marble in the master bath, handpicked slate floors from India and the original Hope’s Windows. The 3,095-square-foot house has three beds, three baths and a pool. The second story office has a 360-degree view of the landscape.

“This particular home and the other homes he built, everything has heart and soul for him,” Jack Luciano, a partner at The Agency in Scottsdale, says. “He really took the time to understand his clients and understand where he was building and what he was building. That makes it a very significant home and people just follow him. He’s an icon.”

More information can be found here.

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Jack Luciano: Partner, The Agency Scottsdale

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