P.E. instructor Josh Meibos wins 2018 Arizona Teacher of the Year

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Josh Meibos, a K-6th grade P.E. teacher at David Crockett Elementary School, won the 2018 Arizona Teacher of the Year award.

The application to receive the reward is a long process, says Executive Director of the AZ Education Foundation Bobbie O’Boyle. Each person submits a written application, and a team of judges consisting of community members, business leaders and education leaders narrows field to 10 nominees. The judges interview each of the 10 nominees and listen to an impromptu speech.

“The ability Josh has to identify the needs of each one of his students and meet those needs is the key to a really great teacher,” O’Boyle says.

Meibos went to school for a business degree, but he says he always had an interest in teaching. He says he found himself bored of just pushing numbers, and he realized he was happiest as a camp counselor and whenever he had the opportunity to work with kids.

David Crockett Elementary School receives many of the state’s refugees and transitional housing students. The kids say Meibos is their favorite teacher because he’s very active, kind, loving and he teaches them not to give up on their teammates.

“I wanted to teach kids from all around the world,” Meibos says. “The first day I walked into the elementary school I’m at now, I realized in a way the world has come in front of me.”

Meibos says his philosophy of teaching involves focusing on what each individual student’s needs are. He will get down on one knee and listen to a student. He says he knows the weaknesses and strengths of his students, and that helps him teach.

“I think the main objective is to help these little guys instill some skills and some knowledge and help them be lifelong learners,” Meibos says.

In addition to receiving the award, Meibos earned a $15,000 reward and a chance to apply as National Teacher of the Year. The winning teachers, both statewide and national, are able to use their new platform to represent their students and coworkers.

Josh Meibos: 2018 Arizona Teacher of the Year, K-6th Grade P.E. Teacher, David Crockett Elementary School
Bobbie O'Boyle: Executive Director, AZ Education Foundation

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