More women than ever are running for political office this year

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There is a nationwide record number of women running for office this year, and many are optimistic for the change this surge of women politicians could bring to politics.

There are 50 women who have announced their intentions to run for office this year, 10 more than in 2016. Arizona’s race for the Senate seat is being led by three women at the moment – Kelli Ward, Martha McSally and Krysten Sinema.

“I think this is a chance to really show how new blood and new ideas and women can shine in politics and in Washington, D.C.,” Ward says. “I think it’s great that women are breaking these glass ceilings. I don’t want to make it all about we need the best woman for the job. We need the best person for the job.”

If one of them wins, they will become Arizona’s first female Senator. Ward has stated that the seat needs to be filled by the one most qualified for the position, whether they be female or male. Whether or not the woman wins, says Ward, simply seeing them on stage will encourage other women to step up and run.

Sinema and McSally are both leaving the House of Representatives to run for Senate. Sinema says she wants to make sure the state has a voice in the Senate that stands up for the people rather than the party.

Kim Fridkin, a political science professor at Arizona State University, says that having more women in powerful positions in government will have a snowball effect, causing other women to become more engaged.

“I think women need to see women running to be inspired to do that and the more who run the more it self-perpetuates and the more women get involved,” Ann Kirkpatrick, who is running for Congress, says.

Kelli Ward: Candidate, United States Senate
Rep. Krysten Sinema: Candidate, United States Senate
Kim Fridkin: Political Science Professor, Arizona State University
Ann Kirkpatrick: Candidate, United States House of Representatives

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