Food stylist helps dishes whet your appetite

Ever wonder why a hamburger always looks so good in an ad, even more so than when you actually buy it? Go behind the scenes in a visit with food stylist Kim Krejca, who uses her tricks of the trade to help photographers make food look delicious.

“A food stylist is responsible for not only the food, but keeping a shoot moving and knowing the client’s brand and how they want their food represented,” Krejca says.

On a shoot, Krejca goes to work with a variety of tools and linens, including some everyday products that can help the food shine on camera – including WD-40, tweezers and glycerin.

Food photography is so different from what most people think, says food and drink photographer Debby Wolvos. “It’s so different than, say, a portrait, where you come in and take a portrait of someone with a flash and it’s done. With food styling, it’s hours,” Wolvos says. “They’re constantly refreshing the set and making sure everything shines, glistens, looks appealing and doesn’t look too staged.”

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Kim Krejca, food stylist
Debby Wolvos, food and drink photographer

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