A look at the efforts of Carnegie Knight News-21

Carnegie Knight News-21 is a program that brings together some of the nation’s top journalism students to report and produce in-depth multimedia projects for major national media outlets. We had a chance to sit down and talk to the executive editor of News-21, Jacquee Petchel, and ASU graduate students, Justin Parham and Ashley Mackey, who both worked on the project “Hate In America”.

In past years students have investigated disaster recovery, how hate is changing a nation, drinking water in America, and other issues that face the nation.

Students selected for the News21 program study a topic in-depth during a spring video-conferenced topics seminar, followed by a 10-week reporting fellowship during the summer. Students work out of a newsroom at the Cronkite School and travel the country – and sometimes to other countries – to report and produce their projects.

For more information about News21, visit their website here.

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