KJZZ explores policing and systemic racism in new special series

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As several cities across Arizona face calls for police reform, there are many questions on how law enforcement might change. This week KJZZ is airing a special series called “Boiling Point.” We spoke with KJZZ senior field correspondent, Matt Casey about the series.

The new series will examine race and policing, the culture of law enforcement, the role of technology, and what lies ahead. Casey says the goal of the series is to give listeners a broad perspective on what is happening in Arizona.

In one of Casey’s pieces, he looks at the police culture regarding the guardian and warrior mentalities found in law enforcement. Within the report, he looked at Camden, New Jersey. A city that has seen a lot of problems themselves that is working on building trust in the community.

Casey also looked into the efforts of the Arizona Peace Officers. The group as of now is working at bridging the gaps with the community. KJZZ’s five-part series will be taking place throughout this week.

You can check out the full series here.

Matt Casey, Senior Field Correspondent, KJZZ

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