Arizona Cardinals owner speaks about his COVID-19 experience

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Arizona Cardinals owner Michael Bidwill was hospitalized last month with COVID-19. Bidwill spoke with Horizonte’s Jose Cardenas about his experience and how the Cardinals plan to address coronavirus concerns with players and staff.

Bidwell got his first COVID-19 symptoms during a trip out east. He got tested, as advised by medical staff, but the test came out negative. According to Bidwell, his symptoms continued from there and only got worse. At that point, Bidwell knew it was time to check himself into a hospital.

After a CAT scan, doctors found prominent evidence of COVID-19 in both of his lungs. Bidwell spent five days in the ICU before the symptoms faded.

Now, about a month later, Bidwell says he feels a lot better, showing only a slight cough.

Furthermore, the Cardinals organization is taking NFL protocols seriously, testing players and staff daily for the virus. Bidwell recommends everyone take the virus seriously.

Michael BIdwill, Arizona Cardinals owner

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