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Professional sports have returned amid the COVID-19 pandemic. We spoke with Sports360 AZ reporter, Brad Cesmat about the return and how sports teams are handling the virus.

As of now the NBA, NHL, MLS, and WNBA have all adapted to bubble systems. The system calls for the isolation of teams in selected areas. For the NBA and MLS, players have isolated at Walt Disney Resort’s ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex. The NHL taking a different approach splitting their conferences up between hub cities Edmonton and Toronto. Thus far the four leagues have reported low numbers of COVID-19 cases.

While other professional sports leagues have seen lower numbers in cases the MLB has seen otherwise. The league staying away from the bubble system decided in early July that they would play at home sites. The decision coming with a cost, as many teams have seen a recent rise in cases causing the postponement of 21 total games.

The five professional sports leagues have all implemented their own guidelines to keep players and staff protected during the pandemic. One of the biggest changes being the absence of fans and the limiting of personal from attending games. Each league has made efforts to test players on a daily and weekly basis.

Though this sports season will be much different from usually fans are happy to have sports back.




Brad Cesmat, Host & CEO, Sports 360 AZ

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