ASU President Michael Crow discusses COVID-19 numbers

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Arizona State University opened the fall semester last month with a hybrid model of in-person and remote learning. But is the University doing enough to protect students, faculty and staff from COVID-19? We asked ASU President Michael Crow.

President Crow talks openly about the number of positive cases at ASU. With around 400 students, 100 in the resident hall, and less than 10 staff members positive. The main focus is around isolating those students and reducing the number of active positive cases.

Can things change? According to President Crow, yes. There are four modes that the university is operating in, and currently we are in mode two – hybrid. If things worsen, it will go to mode three – select classes only, and then mode four – remote only. Dormitories started at mode two and have backtracked to mode three due to the number of positive cases.

This is all dependent upon the curve. Based on where the curve is, that’s how the university will proceed in handling the virus.

President Crow emphasizes the need for precaution, this includes social distancing, wearing a mask, and self-isolation if tested positive.

Michael Crow, President, Arizona State University

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