Legacy of Ronnie Lopez

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Horizonte host, José Cardenas, takes a look at the late Ronnie Lopez’s legacy. Lopez was well known in Democratic political circles. He was the head of Chicanos Por La Causa and worked for Former Arizona Governor Bruce Babbitt. He also worked as a field representative for the Arizona State Civil Rights Commission and served as a Justice of the Peace in West Phoenix. Bruce Babbitt, Former Arizona Governor and Former U.S. Interior Secretary, provides insight on his relationship with Lopez. The former Governor remembers fondly of his time as Attorney General because of Lopez. He remembers how Lopez was at his door telling him of the discrimination towards the Hispanic community.

Babbitt ended up appointing Lopez as his chief of staff. Babbitt remembers Lopez as a bridge between the communities and how he tried his best to bring Hispanic issues to light. Although Lopez was both an activist and his chief of staff, he believed it worked.

Arizona celebrates what Ronnie Lopez gave his community.

Bruce Babbitt, Former Arizona Governor and Former U.S. Interior Secretary

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