Phoenix Union High School District continues distance learning

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Phoenix Union High School District is reacting to the COVID-spread by deciding to continue with distance learning through the end of the year.

Chad Geston, the District’s Superintendent, has been tracking the zip codes of everyone attending school in the district and a lot of zip codes are still in the red. They take a number of preventive measures, including tracking their zip code data but also the city’s data and the school districts data. They also meet with student government leaders. This gives the school a chance to share data and talk about their return. But for now, he says, “It’s just not safe to come back.”

To enhance the students at home experience, they’ve distributed laptops and hotspots to all of the kids. Their plan is to have more passing time between classes, focus more on college and career counseling, and professional development for teachers.

Chad Gestson, Phoenix Union High School District Superintendent

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