Analysis: State of the State address

Analysis of the governor’s State of the State address from Chuck Coughlin, President and CEO of Highground and Karl Gentles, a partner in the Gentles Agency. The trio discussed the analysis and what Ducey addressed and what he didn’t. Gentles is disappointed that the governor took a more stunted way of speech rather than a quick policy rundown. Rather for Coughlin where the awkwardness of the address was more prominent.

Coughlin did see that the governor try and focus on hope in the midst of a pandemic. Gentles wished the COVID-19 restrictions were stronger and the emphasis is on mask mandates. All three scrutinized the governor’s remark on how America has been handling the pandemic, not just Arizona. They say that Arizona shouldn’t take other states as an example but strive to do better.

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Chuck Couglin, President & CEO of Highground Karl Gentles, Gentles Agency Partner

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