Gov. Ducey delivers 2021 State of the State address

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Governor Doug Ducey delivers State of the State address in this one hour special. Ducey starts off the address acknowledging the different circumstances that are present; COVID-19 being one of the most prominent issues for Arizona. The governor focuses on the attack on the White House and emphasizes his condemning of the actions. With a quote of former President Abraham Lincoln, Ducey reminds the citizens of Arizona to be kind and carry no malice towards one another.

During the highest rates of COVID-19 in Arizona, Ducey says that this year is the year of the vaccine. He encourages residents to appreciate the health care workers that have done the most to help during this pandemic. The governor also reassures Arizona that distributing vaccines are the top priority. He also defends his stance on handling the pandemic the way he did.

Governor Doug Ducey

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