Covid-19 Vaccine Tips for Seniors

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Many older Arizonans are finding it difficult to navigate the process of getting a Covid-19 vaccine. We take a look at some of those obstacles as part of our monthly AARP-sponsored segment that highlights issues important to older adults in Arizona. We spoke with Dr. Ross Goldberg, President of the Arizona Medical Association.

Dr. Goldberg began speaking about the concerns for seniors getting the vaccine, specifically those who may not be used to using a computer, on which they have to book appointments for the vaccination process to begin. He said, “People who know computers really well are having issues with the website, so what do those who don’t have access or understand how to use the website have ability to schedule themselves.” In response to that main concern the doctor pointed to the phone number 844-542-8201 as the best option to combat the technological difficulties of the website.

He also pointed out the differences in regulations on eligibility for the vaccines saying, “A lot of counties have been sticking with the 75 and older group to start with to make sure they have enough vaccine available and as we get access to more vaccines you’ll be able to open it up to more age groups as well.”

When asked about the misinformation out there, Dr. Goldberg expressed, “I will not sit here and tell anyone they have to inject something in their body if they’re not comfortable, my job and my colleagues job is to educate. I am someone who got both doses of the Pfizer vaccine, I talk about my experience, I show I have not experienced generated any of side effects like no third arms, no special powers, I got through everything, but a lot of it is word of mouth and understanding and not just people you see on tv like me, but people you know.”

Dr. Ross Goldberg, MD, FACS, President, Arizona Medical Association

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