Arizona Foundation for Women report indicates little progress

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In honor of Women’s History Month, we examined a report from the Arizona Foundation for Women that focuses on the state of women in Arizona. Mesha Davis is the CEO of the Arizona Foundation for Women

The report comes from 2020. “We were actually trying to find some data to see if we’ve moved the needle at all since our last report in 2016 and kind of not surprised that we weren’t able to find too much-updated data,” Davis said.

“but we did find a few things to see if we’ve done some improvements and not really, unfortunately. So that was kind of disheartening so that we will really have a lot to do and Covid-19 of course really impacted a lot and pushed the numbers a few years back.”

Following that, Davis continued to say that before the pandemic Arizona was still lagging behind the rest of the country.

This interview originally aired on March 8, 2021.

Mesha Davis, Arizona Foundation for Women CEO

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