Telling the difference between allergies and COVID-19

Seasonal allergies are believed to affect 26 million Americans. As we approach Spring in the desert, many Arizonans are reminded of that figure. But, with many other things in 2021, the pandemic has ushered in entirely new questions. Will some of us experience worse allergies because we’re spending more time inside? And how do you know it’s allergies you’re feeling vs. COVID? Karie Dozer talked with Dr. Hanna Ian, of the Arizona Naturopathic Medical Association, about some ‘natural’ tips to deal with these allergies.

We talked with Dr. Ian about how long allergies last for many Arizonans. Seasonal allergies typically begin when the junipers begin to bloom and can last all the way through fall. Allergy symptoms can sometimes look or feel like COVID-19. Dr. Ian said symptoms of Covid will be ignited with fever, which doesn’t occur due to allergies.

We also discussed what can help or worsen allergies. Dr. Ian said that typical allergies are caused by the pollutant and chemicals that our immune system is exposed to. She said by cleaning up the body you can help improve your allergies and it will better prepare you for the Covid vaccine. By cleaning up your body she means eating less processed food, eating more vegetables, drinking water, microwaving less and removing your shoes when you go in the house.

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Dr. Hanna Ian, Arizona Naturopathic Medical Association

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