COVID-19 Update in Arizona

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Arizona is seeing a steady increase in COVID-19 cases. Despite this, the state recently eased its guidelines for reopening and closing schools. Governor Doug Ducey recently addressed the increase in coronavirus cases in Arizona, stating that the increase is not a surprise and that there is a “storm ahead of us.” However, he added the state is handling the virus better than most areas of the U.S.

“We did anticipate a rise in cases. We did say we’re going to stay vigilant, and we’re not going to let our guard down,” Gov. Ducey said. “We’re addressing in July and August the need for flu shots in the fall, and while we’re seeing a rise in COVID-19 in other parts of the country, the spike has not yet come to Arizona — but we’re anticipating it. So we’re going to continue to work with the federal government if there are additional dollars. This is a virus. It is contagious. We wanted to slow it, contain it to the best of our ability, and when we have a vaccine we can come as close as we can to stopping it; although it will likely always be out there.”

Right now that level is increasing. Arizona today saw another rise in cases with over 1300 new cases reported. It comes as the rate of transmission hit 1.16%, and that’s well over the targeted level of 1.0%. The total percent of positive tests is close to 10%, and the death count is 13 additional fatalities on record.


Will Humble, Executive Director, Arizona Public Health Association

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