Young voters and health care

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A group of interns at ASU’s College of Health Solutions created a get out the vote video aimed at young people, especially those involved in health care. The video emphasizes the importance of voting and to consider health issues being on the ballot. We talked about the video with one of those interns, Nandini Sharma.

“As students we just felt like this was a really important time for all of us to vote. A lot of my friends in 2016 did not vote, and there is a lot on the ballot this election that pertains to us, like health care coverage and women’s rights, so we just felt like it was a good time to get the young generation kick started in voting.” said Sharma.

Sharma said the target of the video was intended to reach out to young voters who are going to be working in the health care field after school.



Nandini Sharma, Health Policy and Equity Network Intern at College of Health Solutions, ASU

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