Black Mothers Forum reacts to Chauvin trial verdict

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When George Floyd was killed, he cried out for his mother. This touched mothers everywhere, especially black mothers. We spoke to the Executive Director of the Phoenix organization, “Black Mothers Forum,” Debora Colbert, for reaction to the Derek Chauvin trial verdict.

After Chauvin was found guilty on all three charges, Colbert reacted positively. “When I heard the verdict, there was definitely a burst of emotion from the standpoint of yes, justice has been served,” Colbert said.

Colbert wasn’t necessarily surprised by the verdict, however, she reflected on previous events saying that the verdict offered a sense of hope. Colbert sees this as an opportunity for a culture shift with police officers.

“I still think we have some hills to climb in that space and in the minds and hearts of so many other people to get that total space. But I do believe this has set a precedent to have the peers of that officer go totally against the process and procedures in the mindset that was used on Mr. Floyd showed us that, what I believe, that majority of our officers are good. So I do see this as an opportunity going forward for hopefully our police departments to take note that something different is needed,” Colbert said.

Colbert still gets emotional thinking about George Floyd’s pleas for his mother. “That shouldn’t be the last words you hear from your son or your child when they’re supposed to be, quote on quote, be in the hands of people who are supposed to serve and protect,” Colbert said.

Colbert discussed the verdict with her own son, and he too shared the sentiment of hope.

“I want to see people really get involved in helping to pass the policing act and the legislation. I want to see more people get involved in their community because change happens at the local level,” Colbert said.

Debora Colbert, Executive Director, Black Mothers Forum

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