Chandler Center for the Arts is re-opening in-person events

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Chandler Center for the Arts is re-opening to in-person events. On Monday, April 12th, tickets for their new season go on sale. Michelle Mac Lennan, the General Manager of Chandler Center for the Arts will talk about that, the state of the Arts, how the pandemic affected them, the lasting effects, and how they plan to keep patrons safe when they re-open in the Fall.

Mac Lennan talked about their planning. She also said they have a lot of information available on their website. She explained they plan to use their “thought-out plans” and use them as effectively as they can. She said they have to “be ready to dance.”

She talked about the advantages of the pandemic and how they grew from it. We ask if performers will be ready to return in person. She said it depends on the performer. She said many of their artists will be able to return.

She explained that reopening is different for every area. Many of the art leaders are ready to move forward she said. Mac Lennan explains they are being as creative as they can be. We also talk about the lasting impacts on the art world from the pandemic. She said it has never been so clear that people need each other.

Michelle Mac Lennan, General Manager, Chandler Center for the Arts

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