President Biden’s recent actions on gun control

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We talked with Stefanie Richardson, a Volunteer with the Arizona Chapter of Moms Demand Action about the President’s actions regarding gun control and what that means to them. She said they are very pleased and “applaud President Biden”.

We discuss “ghost guns” and what she thinks of them. She believes President Biden’s actions toward them are a great thing. She said there’s no way to know who has them and that the action is very important and will save lives.

We also discussed the targeting braces for pistols to be registered. She said this move will make a difference. She thinks all of these steps will save lives. Some people think this is not nearly enough to address gun control. She does not agree.

We also discuss Moms Demand Action and what this organization is. She said they are not just moms, they are a diverse group of volunteers. She got involved because she is a mother with children.

Richardson said their organization is not against the 2nd Amendment. She said many of the volunteers own guns themselves. They just think there need to be some common-sense laws to help.

Stefanie Richardson, a Volunteer with the Arizona Chapter of Moms Demand Action

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