Phoenix Public Libraries plan to reopen in phases

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The Phoenix Library has plans to reopen. They will do so in phases. Lee Franklin, Community Relations Manager of the Phoenix Public Library discussed when the re-opening date is and what reopening will look like, the rules they have in place, and what services they plan to keep from pandemic times.

She said that the Phoenix Library worked hard to try to replicate the old library experience. They are restoring in-person visits in different groups and phases. On April 19, 8 locations will be offering in-building visits to the customers.

We talk about the thought behind the phasing-in process. She said the customers have missed having the library experience and visiting the facility. She said with COVID, some things just can’t be replaced. They have been working to do this as safely as possible.

They are going to continue curbside in the mornings. They also will have reservations for the visitors. You can make a reservation. Everyone will need to wear masks. There will be social distancing, health shields in between computers, and more. There will also be regular cleaning. They want to make sure they are spaced out and enjoying library services. After the 45 minute reservation, they will be cleaning everything out.

We talk about how this year was for her and the other librarians. They have missed the element of being connected to the community. She said they switched a lot of their programming, and she is extremely proud of everyone. She says she knows the impact the library has on people’s lives.

Lee Franklin, Community Relations Manager, Phoenix Public Library

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